Setup OneSignal with SuperPWA WordPress Plugin

If you are using the latest version of OneSignal you won’t need to manually set up anything like on this article, both SuperPWA and OneSignal work perfectly. Earlier OneSignal used a manifest file to function its push notification and moreover SuperPWA also creates a manifest file for its functioning. Upon this case only one manifest will be registered at the browser end, that’s why we added this step to resolve the registration process of the manifest to work both ones perfectly well. From OneSignal’s latest version they work out of the box without generating manifest, and moreover they removed it from their plugin. So don’t worry whether you cannot find the options as we mentioned below. If the OneSignal plugin version which you are using is below 1.17.9, you just need to set up as we mentioned below.

If you want to easily fix this admin notice (as you are using the latest OneSignal plugin), you can download the fix version ( available from the GitHub repo. As the quick fix is now added to the plugin on GitHub, you can easily download it from our GitHub release page:

OneSignal is a multi-platform notification push service, that support upon native app and web platforms.

Web push notifications helps to increase the audience engagement and helps in significant boost in overall page views and returning visitors.

As OneSignal is one of the awesome way to engage users upon Progressive Web Apps, we included support on our plugin SuperPWA.

As OneSignal also have manifest and service worker than our plugin SuperPWA (Super Progressive Web Apps) creates, we need to change some changes settings to work it perfectly.

Steps to setup OneSignal with SuperPWA WordPress Plugin (Only if the OneSignal plugin version is below 1.17.9)

  1. Go to OneSignal Settings page from your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Within the OneSignal settings page you can see Advanced Settings at the bottom of the page.
  3. Check “Use my own manifest.json” and add SuperPWA manifest URL into the field and Save Settings. (For your website the SuperPWA’s manifest is

Setup OneSignal With SuperPWA WordPress Plugin

That’s it! Rest will be done by our plugin Super Progressive Web Apps automatically.

Multisites using OneSignal

SuperPWA is not compatible with OneSignal on multisites just yet. We are looking into few possible solutions and this is definitely something we want to have in our plugin.

Please get in touch if you are a multisite user using OneSignal so that we can inform you when the compatibility is available.

Until then, it is best to disable one of these plugins.

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Írio says:

Hi José, may i have to install another plugin than SuperPWA? To go to OneSignal Settings, because i’m not founding at my wordpress web site. Thanks and congrats by the awesome plugin!!

Jose Varghese says:

Thanks for the great words Irio. Yes! You need to install OneSignal plugin for push notifications. As within SuperPWA latest version, we made it compatible and support to send push notifications to your PWA.

Frode Håkonsen says:

Hi! Just one question; Do I need to sign up for an account on onesignal and have a app id, rest api key and safari web id?

Jose Varghese says:

Yes! You need to create an account upon OneSignal to setup it and to use push notifications with SuperPWA.

Christopher de Vidal says:

Does this work on both Android and iOS?

Jose Varghese says:

Only upon Android at this moment

Alberto says:

Hello, let me know when there is plugin compatibility with OneSignal in multisite
Thank you

Jose Varghese says:

Not, till this time.

Iker says:

The option doesnt show in my config, does it still be necesary?

Jose Varghese says:

Hi Iker,

As mentioned at the intro of this article, these settings are not needed if you’re using OneSignal plugin version greater than 1.17.9. You can skip the notice which is showing currently over the admin panel.

Hope that helps you!

Ulrich Kirschbaum says:

Hi there at SuperPWA-Developing!
I’m using the latest Versions of SuperPWA and OneSignal, but the “Action required to integrate…” Banner still appers in WordPress. It’s really annoying. Could You please solve this ….
Kind Regards

Jose Varghese says:

Hi Ulrich,

Good day to you. A fix is added to the GitHub repo and you can download that from GitHub release page:

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