Filter the neverCacheUrls in the service worker of SuperPWA.

apply_filters( 'superpwa_sw_never_cache_urls', '/\/wp-admin/,/\/wp-login/,/preview=true/' );

@since 1.8

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Holkan Luna says:

I’m trying to add one file to the neverCacheUrls via this filter hook ‘superpwa_sw_never_cache_urls’ in order to avoid the service worker to cache that file (component.js). Please refer to some documentation or thread. This page doesn’t say much Thanks in advance

Arun Basil Lal says:

Hello Holkan,

Thanks for using SuperPWA. Please refer this comment where I helped another user use this filter:
You have to replace `\/sosyal` with `component.js`.

Hope this helps.

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