SuperPWA PRO 1.6 – Release Note

Hello! We hope everyone is staying safe and washing your hands periodically. Remember to maintain social distancing for a bit longer since we are still not completely COVID-19 free yet.

Changelog 1.6 (29 May 2021)

  • Bug fixed: Resolved the issue of CTA Addon iOS popup message field Translationis not Working #186
  • Bug fixed: Fixed the issue of CTA not working properly in iOS Chrome #189

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alice tesser di lana e d'altre storie VAT IT02047880683 says:

Ciao, non funzionano le notifiche push. come faccio a risolvere il problema? grazie

Team SuperPWA says:

Hi alice tesser di lana e d’altre,

Will you please provide us exact URL where you are having an issue so that we can check and get back to you.

kantin bena says:

How to download new pro version….?

Team SuperPWA says:

Hi Kantin bena,

Will you please follow this tutorial –
And if you have any issues/problems after following this tutorial also then please let us know and we will personally help you.

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