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PreLoader Add-On for SuperPWA

This addon will add a PreLoader to your site which will provide an eye-catchy loading functionality to your users, using that you will be having an extra 2-3 secs until your site loads.

If you want to add PreLoader in SuperPWA then first you need to purchase and install SuperPWA PRO plugin.

Step 1: After installing you need to enter the license key for this you need to go to WordPress Dashboard -> SuperPWA -> License -> Here you will get the Add-on to enter the License key and click on the “Activate” button.


Step 2: You need to go to WordPress Dashboard -> SuperPWA -> Add-ons-> Click on the Pre Loader Add-on “Activate” button

Preloader Activation

Step 3: After Activating Pre Loader Add-on you will get this option on the WordPress Dashboard -> SuperPWA ->Click on the Pre Loader -> You will see all the settings like the below screenshot.

Preloader Settings
  • Loader Color: Using this option you can change the icon color of the loader.
  • Loader Background Color: In this option, you can change the background color of the loader.
  • Loader Display on: You can Select the Particular Devices in which you want to display the loader.
  • Loading Icon Selector: Using this option you can select different types of animated loaders for your site.

The Output of the PreLoader Addon:

Loader Output

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