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SuperPWA 1.6 ships with Multisite Network Support

Hello PWA lovers,

Jose and I are pleased to announce the release of SuperPWA version 1.6, here is the changelog.

  • New Feature: WordPress Multisite Network Compatibility. One of the most requested features for SuperPWA is now here!
  • New Feature: Added description to the manifest. You can now include a brief description of what your app is about.
  • Enhancement: Moved manifest to the very top of wp_head for better compatibility with some browsers.
  • Enhancement: Improved the file and folder naming, organization, and inline documentation for better readability.
  • Enhancement: Force https:// on all assets and dependencies solving the problem of http:// URLs in manifest and service worker once and for all.
  • Enhancement: Relative URL for manifest for out of the box compatibility with CDN’s.
  • Enhancement: Removed forcing of trailing slash on manifest and service worker URLs for better compatibility.

Multisite Network Support

A good share of the basic expectations for multisite network support was already done by a dear user @juslintek two months ago. Extending SuperPWA for multisite was a breeze.

However, figuring out the uninstall was challenging. Since day one, we wanted to be clean, both during install and uninstall. The only option SuperPWA adds to the database during install is its version, settings are saved only when the user clicks “Save Settings” the first time.

SuperPWA uses smart defaults to generate a manifest and service worker, so that your PWA is ready instantly on plugin activation. During uninstall, we always clean up everything we created leaving no trace behind.

In a multisite context, sticking to this standard was not easy, but we have a focus on quality, and we are determined to stick to it no matter what.

No easy routes here. SuperPWA will clean up after itself even on a multisite.

Note: If you network activate SuperPWA, manifest and service worker are generated on the first visit to the WordPress admin of the respective site. More on that.

Bye Bye HTTP

Progressive Web Apps need HTTPS. Sometimes when users redirected HTTP to HTTPS using a third party plugin, the URLs were still HTTP at the time of manifest generation.

Few users were facing issues and with release we want to get rid of this trouble once and for all.

Even if you are redirecting your website using a plugin, your manifest and service worker will always have HTTPS links from now on. We got that covered!

Bye Bye Goodbye GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Bye bye HTTP, hello HTTPS!

New Folder Structure

SuperPWA started using my WordPress starter plugin as the base. But it was time to move beyond to accommodate for growth.

And so we did. Here is what the new structure looks like:

  • /3rd-party/ – Functions for compatibility with 3rd party plugins and hosts.
  • /admin/ – Plugin backend.
  • /functions/ – Functions and utilites.
  • /includes/ – External third party classes and libraries.
  • /languages/ – Translation files go here.
  • /public/ – Front end files go here.
  • index.php – Dummy file.
  • license.txt – GPL v2
  • loader.php – Loads everything.
  • superpwa.php – Main plugin file.
  • README.MD – Readme for GitHub.
  • readme.txt – Readme for WordPress plugin repository.
  • uninstall.php – Fired when the plugin is uninstalled.

As always, we welcome your feedback. We would also love to hear how you are using your PWA’s and how we can help you make it even better.

Over to you.

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