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Caching Strategies Add-On for SuperPWA

 To improve the offline experience of your with PWA, it’s actually quite easy to not only cache the static assets but also cache the dynamic contents inside a PWA!
PWAs are standards of modern web applications, resource caching has become more complex than ever.

The add-on is shipped with SuperPWA WordPress plugin and can be activated from the Add-Ons page in SuperPWA > Add-Ons.

After activation, go to SuperPWA>Add-Ons>Settings to change the default settings as needed (default: “Network first, then Cache”).

Image 1
Super PWA caching Strategy

Following types of caching strategies :

  • Network first, then Cache
  • Cache first, then Network
  • Stale While Revalidate
  • Cache only
  • Network only

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