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SuperPWA 2.1, 2.1.1 & 2.1.6 – Release Note

Hello! We hope everyone is staying safe and washing your hands periodically. Remember to maintain social distancing for a bit longer since we are still not completely COVID-19 free yet.

We are writing this to help decide on the future of SuperPWA. We haven’t been able to keep up with the pace with which SuperPWA should have grown. Rather than letting it go stale, we hope to find a new home for the plugin.

The idea is simple. If you or someone you know can take over the project, please let us know. If you are interested in a premium version of the plugin with extended features, please let us know as well.

Update: (Nov 2020)

SuperPWA is in the new development team which is faster and committed for long time for updates and innovation in the PWA space.

In the mean time…

We will try to do a maintenance update when necessary (like this one). We are thankful for all the support received and continue to receive from time to time.

Changelog 2.1.6 (04 February 2021)

  • BugFixed: Manifest shows start URL is out of the scope URL in Specific cases #162
  • BugFixed: Offline analytics undefined variable #99
  • Enhancement: iOS application icons are blur overwrite by WordPress #161
  • BugFixed: Quick action feature for PWA icons need to specify size#147

Changelog 2.1.5 (06 January 2021)

  • Enhancement: Added the support of google analytics #149
  • Enhancement: Disabling “Add to home screen” #150
  • Enhancement: Support for Yandex manifest #146
  • Enhancement: Addex Quick action (shortcut) feature for PWA #147
  • Enhancement: Improve user interface #142
  • Enhancement: Added the tutorial link for Call To Action and Android APK APP Generator #145

Changelog 2.1.4 (18 December 2020)

  • Bug Fix: Wrong manifest-path if installed WordPress in a sub-folder #134
  • Enhancement: Need to increase the character limit of the APP name. #139
  • Bug Fix: Default Add to home screen banner is not showing #140
  • Bug Fix: Changes in Presentation #141 / #143

Changelog 2.1.3

  • Improvement: Changes in Admin Options
  • Enhancement: Added more pages

Changelog 2.1.2 (25 July 2020)

  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue where Application Icon was not showing. [#131]

Changelog 2.1.1 (4 July 2020)

  • Tested with WordPress 5.4.2.
  • Enhancement: Added support for Maskable Icons [#127]

Changelog 2.1 (29 May 2020)

  • Bug Fix: Fixed a rare PHP Notice: Array to string conversion in basic-setup.php on line 415.
  • Bug Fix: Added a check to see if WP_Plugins_List_Table class is available before using it.
  • Enhancement: Updated fallback value in superpwa_get_display() to match the default value in superpwa_get_settings().
  • Enhancement: UTM Tracking Add-on: Added default values for Campaign Medium and Campaign Name.
  • Enhancement: Removed the WordPress admin notice suggesting to add SuperPWA manifest to OneSignal.

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Ravi says:

Thanks for creating such plugin .
but i have a query regarding PWA . i want to add it on apple store and IOS store so please let me know is it possible or available.
we can pay for the pay plugin. if it full fill requirements

Team SuperPWA says:

Hi Ravi,

Will you please contact our technical team from here- they will help you as soon as possible

raul jose f alves says:

ola boa noite, como faço para fazer o download do app no site? grato pelo atendimento.

Team SuperPWA says:

Hi Raul Jose f Alves,

By click, on the bar, you can install the app - and still, if you are facing any issue then contact our technical team – they will help you as soon as possible.

Daniel Almeira says:

I could pay for this excellent tool if the value did not exceed $ 20 a year

Jose Varghese says:

Good to hear that 🙂

Len McGrane says:

I like your plugin VERY much. It’s my preference of the three I use on a number of my wp sites. Your plugin works, has all the bells and whistles I want (except notification), does a good / quick job of asking a visitor “add to homescreen”, and is simple to implement. Thank you! I’d be happy to pay.

Arun Basil Lal says:

Thank you Len!

Donald Gerard Ng says:

Hi there,

I am quite interested in your plug in and I was wondering can u customize the plug for me.

Now your plug is converting a website to PWA.

I have a marketplace website installed in wordpress. I was wondering can each store in the marketplace will have their own PWA. which mean that when the PWA is installed on a phone. It will install the page of the store and share the same domain name.

Team SuperPWA says:

Hi Donald Gerard Ng,

Will you please contact our technical team from here- they will assist you for customization.

Martin A. says:

I like the plugin but it’s now too expensive to use and will look for an alternative as there are many to choose from. Should be no more than $60 per year unlimited sites would be fair at this stage.

Team SuperPWA says:

Hi Martin A,

Will you please contact our technical team from here- they will help you as soon as possible.

Jean Lucas says:

I use pwa and I find it very efficient, but a constructive criticism of what I could create, would be to be able to improve the design, where admin could create pages inside pwa and something else Bacan would be if I took the videos offline.

Team SuperPWA says:

Hi Jean Lucas,

Videos offline, it’s possible to make video offline with limited size. Currently, we don’t have the feature where user can create pages for specifically PWA, we use common pages which is shows in the web also.

jesus briceño says:

Saludos, voy a dar un opinión desde mi punto de vista,
considero que este pugins tiene mucho potencial, debido que la mayoría de de paginas web que te ofrecen convertir tu pagina web en una app, suelen darte una versión free, y déjame decirte que es bien mala la versión,
esta para ser free es simple, clara y eficiente,
me gustaría tener el conocimiento para ser yo quien me trasnoche en este complemento. traten de sacar una versión premium, agreguen la opción para ios, Apple,

Team SuperPWA says:

Hi jesus briceño,

Will you please contact our technical team from here- they will help you as soon as possible.

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