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SuperPWA 2.1.17 – Release Note

Version 2.1.17 is a Super PWA maintenance release. It was released on October 23, 2021. 4 Enhancement tickets were added and 2 Bug tickets Fixed.

  • Bug Fixed : Resolved the issue of Invalid regular expression error when exclude cache URL is placed without end slash #216
  • Bug Fixed : Added Seperate caching for range header request urls to aviod 206 type error #220
  • Enhancement  : Added Pre Caching Feature in Caching Strategies Addon. #222
  • Enhancement  : Updated License Page to display Complete License Information. #227
  • Enhancement  : Added Status bar style option for apple icons. #210
  • Enhancement  : Added Proper Method to render Application name and shortname of PWA App even with non-standard characters. #112

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