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How to Test PWA on Samsung Internet Browser

Looking to get testing with Progressive Web Apps (PWA) on Internet Browser?  Here’s a quick guide to know how to test PWA on Samsung Internet Browser. Samsung Internet uses Ambient Badging to let users know whether the website they are viewing can be installable as a web app. Ambient Badging allow the user to add it to their ‘Home screen’.

The criteria Samsung Internet uses to decide if the site is a Progressive Web App:

  • Served fully via HTTPS
  • Has a Web App Manifest
  • The Web App Manifest has name or short_name property
  • Has a Service Worker Registered
  • The Web App Manifest has start_url property 
  • The Web App Manifest has an icon property where size is at least 144×144
  • Display property should be set to standalone or fullscreen

As to test PWA on Samsung Internet, first of all make sure that you have cleared the browsing data of browser. It’s because sometimes the browsers cache web pages for loading the websites quickly, due to that the files that needed for PWA like manifest and Service Worker won’t get loaded in this case. If you have tried any service workers or PWA’s earlier the clearing of browsing data helps to resolve that case too.

How to clear the browsing data on Samsung Internet?

1) Tap on the Browser menu (3 dots at the top right corner of Internet Browser)
2) From the menu tap Settings, then a Internet Settings page will be loaded.
3) Within the Internet Settings Page tap on Privacy.
4) Once you tap Privacy, you can see another page with Delete Personal Data option. Tap it,then a pop-up will apper.
5) From the Delete Personal data, select Browsing history, Cache, Cookies and site data and tap DELETE.

How to test PWA on Samsung Internet?

1) Make sure that you have cleared the browsing data
2) Visit the website that you have installed PWA
3) Tap on the + icon at the left side of address bar

4) You can see two options once you tap the + symbol – Bookmarks and Homescreen
5) Tap on Homescreen,  then the  browser automatically generates a shortcut web icon upon your device based upon the icon that you have added in web manifest
6) Tap on the newly created icon, you can see the splash screen with the icon.
7) Navigate via some of the web pages, after that disconnect the internet on your device and close the web app
8) After that tap again the web app icon, you can notice that all the pages that you viewed earlier during online can be accessed and all the pages that you haven’t viewed will showed by an Offline page that you set upon the service worker.

If your website uses any caching plugins or addon’s or extensions don’t forget to clear the cache before testing. If you are using WordPress try our “Super Progressive Web Apps” WordPress plugin.

Hope the article helps to know how to test PWA on Samsung Internet Browser, if anything missing please do comment below so that we can add more details and make it more helpful for others.

Updated on November 29, 2022

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